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Based on many years of experience in the marketing of illuminants, furniture and decorations , ATG Co. has developed for you a new division, specialized in Interior Design. Our main goal is to turn your dreams

and ideas into reality. Our designers have the resources, expertise and energy to create a unique concept and lead the project to its final execution.They have the passion and the capacity to create your harmonious, comfortable and functional home.


Hоw can we be in help to you?

  •    - Design and layout solutions;
  •    - 3D renders;
  •    - Assisting in the selection of the furniture;
  •    - Assistingin thelighting fixture selection and their position in yourinterior;
  •    - Assistingin choosing wall finishing (wallpapers, plaster, textiles and accessories for the interior);
  •    - Supervision during the implementation of the project until its completion.


Our satisfied clients are our best advertisement. Save time, nerves and money with us!